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LHMP Documents

The Public Review Draft is here!

Documents from each meeting will be posted here for public review. Worksheets requesting public input will be attached with an explanation and deadline.

LHMP Public Review Draft

HVLCSD LHMP Complete.pdf


LHMP Risk Assessment Meeting Handouts

HVLCSD Mitigation Action Worksheet.docxHVLCSD Risk Assessment Mtg Agenda.docxHVLCSD Risk Assessment Summary.docxHVLCSD Mitigation Action Worksheet.docx

This worksheet identifies the hazards of concern and includes an initial assessment relative to the HVLCSD.  There is nothing else to do with this now, but we will revisit it throughout the project. 

HVLCSD Historic Hazard Worksheet.docx

This worksheet is to assist in obtaining information for the risk assessment addressing past hazard occurrences for each identified hazard.  Please provide past hazard occurrences and impacts specific to the HVLCSD.  For all hazards, we would like to go back and document past notable occurrences over the last 50 years or so.  Anyone (the planning team, the public, and other Stakeholders) can complete this worksheet.   Remember, If you have information such as emails, plans, after-action reports, news articles, or other source documents, we will take those in lieu of a completed worksheet.  Also, it is ok if you don’t have all the information requested in the worksheet – the list is there to show you the types of information we would like, if available.  Please return Worksheets and any supporting information by 10/18.

Hidden Valley CSD Hazard Identification Table.docx

Existing Hazard Studies, Plans, Reports.  We need any and all-natural hazard studies, plans, documents, reports, etc. regarding hazards and the HVLCSD planning area.  The HVLCSD planning area encompasses the geographical boundaries of the District.  We will be using this existing information to develop the risk assessment for the LHMP.  Please provide information by 10/18.