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Request for Proposals

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that proposals will be received by the Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (HVLCSD) until End Of Business on Friday, July 1, 2022 for: Water Storage Reliability Consulting Services


The Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (District) is requesting proposals from consulting firms for the planning, engineering and design of the Water Storage Reliability Project. This project involves the demolition of the existing 150,000-gallon redwood water storage tank (also known as the Unit 9 Tank), and the construction of 2(two) 250,000 gallons steel bolted water tanks (Tank 9a and 9b).

On or before 2:00pm PDT on Friday, July 1, 2022 electronic submittals are due. The proposal must be in PDF format and sent to Alyssa Gordon( with the following subject line: RFP Response - Water Storage Reliability Consulting Services. The fee proposals should be sent via mail in sealed envelopes, attention Alyssa Gordon, to the District Office. The District shall perform a thorough and fair evaluation of submitted proposals and facilitate the selection of a consulting firm that best sarisfies the District's requirements. The District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate with any qualified source, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this Request for Proposals, if it is in the best interests of the District to do so. The District may require the proposer selected to participate in negotiations, and to submit such price, technical, or other revisions of their proposals as may result from such negotiations.

By order of

The General Manager of the Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District

Lake County, California

RFP - WSRC v2.pdf