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Water Meter Moratorium

The HVLCSD Board of Directors approved to proceed with Option 1 – Percolating Groundwater Determination to Lift the Division of Drinking Water’s (DDW) Connection Moratorium against Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District as presented by Wagner & Bonsignore in the preceding Board Workshop on December 18, 2018.

Senator McGuire’s office continues to support HVLCSD's fight to have the moratorium lifted. The District received the 3rd letter of support from Senator McGuire’s office dated March 21, 2019.

May 6, 2019-Request to Rescind Compliance Order 02_03_14R_004 March 21, 2019, Senator Mike Mcguire Letter of SupportDecember 18, 2018, Moratorium  Options

  May 15, 2018 Video of District personnel before State Water Board

March 26, 2018 State Water Resources Control Board Felicia Marcus.pdfFebruary 8, 2018, Senator Mike Mcguire Letter of Support  September 21, 2017, Senator Mike Mcguire Letter of SupportSeptember 12, 2017, County of Lake Board of Supervisors Letter of SupportFebruary 2017 View MagazineFebruary 27, 2015, Meter Moratorium Lift Order Units 4 & 5October 17, 2014, Compliance Order NO. 02_03_14R_004