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How do I turn on water/wastewater service(s)?

Please contact the District's Administration Office to have your water/wastewater service(s) turned on at 707.987.9201.

I am moving, what do I need to do to have the water/wastewater bill put in the new owner/renter's name?

Please contact the District's Administration Office at 707.987.9201 and office staff will assist you. You will be asked to provide a forwarding address for your closing bill to be mailed to you and the date you will be out of the property. Your final bill will reflect your move out date as the last date at the property.

I paid my bill through my bank, why am I receiving a late bill?

Your bill is due before 5 pm on the 20th of each month. If you pay through your bank please allow 2 weeks for the bank to release the funds and mail us a check. 

What is my water allotment?

There is no water allotment with the new water rate that takes effect on September 1, 2015. Water will be charged according to actual use, .0248 per cubic foot. Each water account with an installed meter will be charged a monthly fixed charge according to meter size. Most residential accounts have a 5/8 meter installed. Click here for rate information

What is the wastewater collection fee?

The wastewater rate is a combination of two fees. The fixed charge is $45.39 per installed meter. The volumetric rate is determined from your prior December - March bills average water use. Example: if your average water use during December- March was 400 cubic feet per month, your volumetric rate would be $9.20 (.023 X 400cf = $9.20). Total monthly sewer bill for the fiscal year will be $54.59 ($45.39+$9.20=$54.59). The fixed rate will be applied to sewer accounts with a water meter installed. 

What options are provided to pay my bill?

You may pay your bill online through the District's website at,  by phone at 707.987.9201 or at the office at 19400 Hartmann Road, or you may set up auto pay (please call us for more information on this option).  You may also put a check in our night drop box located directly outside of the Administration Office front door no later than 5:00 p.m. on the due date to avoid any penalties.

When can I expect a water/wastewater bill?

The District bills are issued monthly. Your first bill of the new year will be received the first week of January. The bill you receive in January is for water consumption and wastewater collection for the month of December.

Where is my water meter and how do I read it?

Meters are located in a meter box either at the right or left of the property and are usually within 10 -15 feet from the street. To read your meter, locate the numbers on the register and write them down. Call the Administration Office to find out what your prior read was, subtract the two numbers to determine your current usage to date from the last meter read. 

Why am I getting a late bill when I already paid my bill?

If you feel you paid your bill on time, please contact the Administration Office at 707.987.9201. Your payment may have been received after the due date, but you mailed it prior to the due date. Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the 20th of the month unless indicated otherwise on the original bill.