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Reclaimed Water

The Water Reclamation Plant produces an average of 320 AF of reclaimed water to irrigate the Hidden Valley Lake Golf Course annually and conserves over 30% of Hidden Valley Lake’s domestic drinking water.  High-quality tertiary treated recycled water is an important source of water and its use offsets potable water demands. 

Water Reclamation Plant tours are available and can be scheduled by using the Tour Schedule Form below.  There are no regularly scheduled tours and possible scheduled tours must meet Field Operations availability.

Tour Water Treatment Plant Request.pdf

In addition to the operations at the plant, in December 2011 the District completed a photovoltaic energy sustainability project. The project will meet power demands at the District’s Water Reclamation Plant. Real Goods Solar, San Rafael, has installed 1176 Sharp 240W solar panels, covering 35,000 square feet. The panels are expected to produce 420,000 kWh per year (enough power to run approximately 75 residential units).