Water Conservation  

Saving Water Resources 

Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District thank you for participating in our "Water Conservation Program" by using our water conservation and maintenance tip guide. 

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All Californians should conserve water.

Find out how at:  http://drought.ca.gov/

California Water Efficiency Partnership

Community Conservation

Hidden Valley Lake CSD takes pride in showcasing our water conservation solutions. The District's main office at 19400 Hartmann Road has a drought tolerant landscaping. The plants chosen need little water and are extremely resilient.  A variety of plants are marked with a plaque that displays both the common and botanical name. 

Resources on irrigation, soil preparation, and plant lists are available on request at our District office.  Stop by to receive our brochure on "Planting Your Drought Tolerant Garden."

Interactive H2O House 

Community Activities

2017 Spring has Sprung

2017 Hidden Valley Lake CSD One Water!

Coyote Valley 2014 

Coyote Valley Elementary School Jog-a-Thon event on October 17, 2014 promoted "Reduce the Use" to develop ideas for a t-shirt drawing contest to be displayed on participants t-shirts the day of the event.  The contest winner was Calire Hamilton, a fourth grader from Ms. Martinelli's class.  Congratulations Claire!  Along with the t-shirt contest, each student and their family pledged to conserve water.  The pledges and Claire's artwork are displayed in the Administration Office lobby at 19400 Hartmann Road. 

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