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Flood Risk Reduction Day 

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Do you remember this flood? In January 2017 the flood control system was overwhelmed, and the eastern and lowest elevation portions of HVL were flooded. 

Hello HVL Community and surrounding communities!


Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (HVLCSD) will be hosting a Volunteer Engagement Project, Flood Risk Reduction Day, on cleaning debris from the Flood Detention Basin. We have two AmeriCorps CivicSpark Fellows who will be leading this event. Their purpose and the long-term goal is to encourage the maintenance of the Flood Detention Basin by clearing unwanted brush annually before the approach of the rainy season.


We are a small utility, and receiving volunteer support from HVL would help all of us from decreasing major flooding.


The Plan:

·        The tentative date is Saturday, November 17th

·        Meeting place/time TBA

·        Fellows will give a small 30-minute presentation about the event and do a Q&A

·        Distribute necessary equipment to volunteers

·        Pick up the pre-cut branches and shrubs.

·        Debris will be tossed in one of three piles throughout the detention basin.

·        Debris will be disposed of by HVLCSD.


Water and snacks will be provided!

*Optional: Please consider bringing snacks or food to the event to share. Thank You!*


We will provide regular updates throughout the month with more detailed information. At the bottom is a link to our utility website, it will have information regarding the event as well. 


If you have any questions, please contact Ernesto Ruvalcaba, one of the Fellows, at


Please spread the word to the community!


Visit HVLCSD Facebook Event Page