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The pandemic has hit us all very hard, but we can see the relief on the horizon! The State is about to finalize its 2021-2022 budget with a proposed allocation of Relief Funding directly to Special Districts. Monday, 6/14/21 the state budget was passed by lawmakers, but not yet approved by the Governor. This budget also includes potential funding for utility (water/wastewater) household assistance.

HVLCSD, your water/wastewater agency, is a Special District. As your local utility, we are asking for your help to finalize this budget with the Governor. As an essential entity providing support for critical infrastructure, our staff kept water flowing without interruption throughout the COVID-19 threat. While facing a faceless killer, we upheld our mission to provide, maintain and protect our community's water.

 You and CSD can receive help in the recovery from COVID-19 if this budget passes with these one-time relief allocations. Will you consider signing the Coalition Letter, and/or reaching out to our local legislators expressing your support of this budget?

See below HVLCSD submitted requests to our local and state officials.

Budget Request.pdfSpecial Districts and ARPA.pdfSigned County Request.pdfSigned Assembly Request.pdfSigned Senate Request.pdf