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HVLCSD Operations Update

Red Fire Siren


We at the Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District would like our customers to know that we remain vigilant in our efforts to protect the community’s water and wastewater treatment processes and infrastructure. 

As a public agency when a natural disaster such as wildfire causes a mandatory evacuation, and an emergency is declared,the CSD staff stay behind and become emergency resources. Your CSD Field Operations staff is here in the community keeping the water tanks topped off and keeping the waterpotable by ensuring proper treatment. We are careful to maintain safety practices by wearing personal protective equipment for respiration, and a wary eye on the horizon. We will be here keeping the processes running and ready for re-population, until it becomes too dangerous to do so. Please understand that the Administrative staff has not been fully enacted in this disaster situation. They are staying safe with their families, and will be available to answer your questions, and process payments once re-population occurs.

We wish you peace and safety during this trying time and ask that you too remain vigilant in your patience for emergency workers, and respect for the evacuation orders and road closures.