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Otis the Turtle gets Water Wise

Otis the Turtle Gets Water Wise takes third and fourth grade students on a water-saving adventure where Otis teaches his family that small changes make a big difference in conserving water. After being brought home from the pet store, Otis escapes from his tank and takes it upon himself to turn off the sprinklers, fix leaking faucets, and offer water-saving tips. The story is designed to encourage students to be aware of the amount of water they are using and reflect on ways they can protect this valuable resource.

The Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards aligned curriculum packet  includes a detailed lesson plan, a journal activity and reflection sheet for students to relate the story to their experiences, assessments to measure students’ understanding, an interactive song entitled: If You’re Water Wise and You Know It, and activity sheets such as word searches and hidden pictures. An audio CD is also included so that students can listen and follow-along as the story is being read.

The content can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a grade-level presentation. In addition, each student will have the opportunity to sign-up to take a plush Otis home along with a parent letter explaining the lesson so that the students can teach their families and friends what they learned about conserving water. At the conclusion of the lesson plan, the journal entries can be mailed back to HVLCSD, using the postage paid envelope, where they will be bound together as a story for each classroom to keep as a water-saving reminder and memory of their adventure with Otis.

Please return the full packet and book in a timely matter so it is available for other classes to enjoy.


Thank you EMWD for sharing this curriculum.