Rebate Programs

Rebate Form.pdf

Fill out the Rebate Form and  bring it into the District Office to schedule an inspection of install and please provide a copy of the receipt for the purchase of your new toilet or washing machine.

Low Flow and Efficient Toilets

The District launched their Ultra Low Flow Toilet (ULFT)/High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate Program on November 1, 2003. All homes built prior to 1992, and have 3.5-7 gallon toilets qualify for the rebate program. The District is offering a $50 rebate for each toilet that is replaced with a ULFT or HET.

Front Loading Washing Machines and High Efficiency Washing Machines

Front Load Washing Machines or High Efficiency Washing machines (HEW) purchased after June 1, 2014 may also be eligible for a $100 rebate.

Please fill out the rebate form, provide a copy of your receipt and arrange for an appointment for proof of installation by calling the District Office at (707) 987-9201. (Limit one per customer.)