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Opposition to SB 623 (Monning) Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund 

While the District agrees with the goal of assisting disadvantaged communities that do not have safe drinking water,  SB 623 has several fundamental flaws related to funding categories, eligibility and State Water Board authority, as detailed by the Association of California Water Agencies.  Additionally, if language proposing a statewide tax or fee on water, also known as a public goods charge, is amended into the bill as planned, SB 623 would become completely unacceptable to public water agencies.

While there is clearly a need to help fund sensible long-term solutions and assist disadvantaged communities that do not have safe drinking water, a tax on local water bills is not the solution. 

If you would like more information regarding this Senate Bill go to the California Legislative Website

If you would like to read the Opposition letter or more details regarding this bill please download the PDFs below. 

SB 623 Opposition LetterSB 623 Coalition Letter .pdf


Public Information:

Reflected on your May bill (Which you receive the first part of June), the Drought Surcharge has been rescinded returning to the lower rate of 0.0207 per cubic foot.

Meter Moratorium.pdfMoratorium Lift Order 4 & 5 February 2015