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Meter Moratorium Update:  May 6, 2019-Request to Rescind Compliance Order 02_03_14R_004

A recently completed hydrological study of the Coyote Valley commissioned by Hidden Valley Lake CSD (HVLCSD) has been forwarded to the state. HVLCSD is “Cautiously Optimistic” that both the Regional Water Quality Control Board and State Water Board, Department of Water Resources will come to the same conclusion we did once they review the data. Based on these results, we again requested the water meter moratorium be rescinded.

HVLCSD continues to partner with the Hidden Valley Lake Association, local realtors, developers, builders and property owners to address and find a solution to the water meter moratorium imposed by the State of California, Department of Water Resources. We believe this data supports such a solution.

You may view the letter and supporting hydrological study data by following the link below: 

May 6, 2019 Request to Rescind Compliance Order 02_03_14R_004